Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug – Chicago, IL – Homewood, IL – Joliet, IL – Orland Park, IL – William J. Goodman Insurance, Ltd known as Goodman Insurance. If you live in Chicago, IL, or surrounding communities, you can select a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan if you have Medicare Parts A and B. Contact us today at (708)799-2655!

Medicare Advantage Plans

We help our clients find the best-suited insurance policies for their unique needs. We work with several Medicare-approved carriers so that we can offer a broad range of options in terms of your MAPD cost and coverage. We will help you explore this and other health insurance options to determine what policy offers the best coverage for you. We serve clients in Chicago, Homewood, Joliet, Orland Park, and surrounding Illinois communities. Contact us to get started today.

About Medicare Advantage Plans

For certain qualifying candidates, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans offer the right healthcare and prescription coverage. Sometimes known as MAPD, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans are reviewed and approved by CMS (Center for Medicare and Services) and can include coverage for prescription drugs. While Original Medicare plans are funded through the federal government, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans are provided through private insurance carriers.

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans are known as Medicare Part C. They provide benefits for Medicare Parts A (hospital); Part B (medical expense). They also include Part D (Prescription Drug) coverage. To be able to offer MAPD plans, carriers must be approved through the federal government to ensure that they provide the same benefits (in total) as Original Medicare. The government then pays approved carriers for the insurance they provide to patients. Many MAPD plans also offer extra benefits such as Dental, Vision and gym memberships to name a few.

Types of Medicare Advantage Plans

Much like traditional private health insurance, there are many different Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug policies. We offer many different plans such as:

HMO Plans – Health maintenance organization (HMO) plans. To receive coverage for services you must utilize in Network Providers except in Emergencies. You select a primary care physician and they refer you to specialists.

PPO Plans – Preferred provider organization (PPO) richer benefits when members utilize In-Network providers. Unlike HMO, however, you will not need to see a primary care doctor for specialist referrals, and you may still receive a percentage of your costs covered even if you go out of network.

PFFS Plans – Private fee-for-service (PFFS) plans allow you to visit any healthcare provider who accepts the plans terms and conditions of payment. These plans have set payment terms and amounts that are paid out to providers.

HMOPOS Plans – HMO point-of-service plans (HMOPOS) are like Medicare Advantage HMO plans, but they may also allow you to visit providers out of your network for a higher copay/ lower benefit levels. The plans usually pay higher benefits when members utilize In Network providers.

SNPs – Special Needs Plans (SNPs) have specialized coverage plans designed for people who fall within different segments of the population, such as those with a chronic illnesses or for nursing home residents.

After gaining an understanding of your unique healthcare needs, we can present you with the best-suited policy choices from carriers with the best rates.

Get Covered Today

Let the caring insurance agents at William Goodman Insurance, Ltd to review your insurance needs and find a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug policy that works for you. We are here to help you choose a plan and will be your partner when you need assistance with claims or switching policies in the future. Contact us if you live in Chicago, Homewood, Joliet, Orland Park, or surrounding communities.