What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is intended to protect a business financially when the unexpected occurs. Business insurance protects your business in the event of theft, property damage, liability Claims, business interruption and injuries to others that occur on your property. At William J. Goodman Insurance, Ltd our professional insurance agents can create a customized insurance plan that includes the coverage you need, without the extra cost of coverage you don’t. We serve businesses of all sizes in: Chicago Heights, Tinley Park, Joliet, Oak Lawn, Homewood, and the whole state of Illinois. Contact us today at (708) 799-2655 to schedule a consultation and get a free quote.

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Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage
Similar to Auto and Health Insurance, Commercial insurance is not a one-size-fits-all bundle. Your insurance policy should be designed to address your businesses unique needs. There are several types of insurance including but not limited to: Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Businessowners Policies, and Workers Compensation, Business Automobile, Commercial Umbrella among others.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers your businesses physical property and contents. This includes your building or office space, assets like computers and electronics, equipment and inventory. If you have specialized machinery, we can ensure that your commercial insurance policy covers these expensive assets in the event of a loss. Property insurance traditionally covers losses resulting from fire, wind, theft or vandalism. Goodman Insurance can work with you to find excellent property coverage that will give you the peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects your business if a person is injured or property damage occurs from your product or on the business premises.  There are a various types of commercial liability insurance: premises liability, product liability, data and cyber liability and employment practices liability. Premises and product liability insurance protect your business if someone is injured on your business premises or because of your product. As its name infers, data and cyber liability policies protect you if your clients or others are injured because of a data breach in your system. Employment practices liability provides security against claims from current or past employees regarding your business practices.

Businessowners Policies

A Businessowners policy (BOP) is a common name for a combination of property and liability insurance. By packaging together all your commercial liability needs into a BOP, Goodman Insurance can find great rates and keep your operations safe so you can thrive.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Comp. is an integral part of your business protection plan, especially if you have employees. Workers compensation insurance provides payment for medical expenses bills and a portion of lost wages to an employee for time off work should an accident happen.

Working with a Qualified Business Insurance Agency

At William J. Goodman Insurance. Ltd. we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and creating personalized insurance plans for our clients based on their specific needs. When it comes to working with Goodman Insurance, you enjoy the benefit of our one-on-one attention, fast quotes and assistance in the event of a claim. We serve: Chicago Heights, Tinley Park, Joliet, Oak Lawn, Homewood, and the whole state of Illinois. Contact us today at (708) 799-2655 about commercial insurance and let us find the right policy for you!